A Confused Mind Will Always Say No.

Think about that statement for a minute.  How true is it in both personal and business life? It is transferable to just about everything that involves a decision or sale to be made.

It Applies To Your Sales Team

It is extremely important for your company to make regular high caliber sales.  Your success is determined by how clearly you communicate the benefits of your products or services to the largest number of qualified, potential customers possible.  I invite you to tag along on a sales call with even your best and most experienced sales reps.  Listen for the added jargon, buzz-words, and my personal pet peeve – over using statistics during their presentations.  Within a few minutes, it is likely that some of them will create as much confusion as possible as a result of over selling and over proving.  A confused mind will always say no.

It Applies To Your Website Too

Imagine you’re starting to research a product you’re interested in purchasing only to land on a page that adds additional questions to your decision-making process.  Bing!  You’re gone.

Instead of adding confusion; add clarity and go for the sale. Distraction and uncertainty create confusion.  A Confused mind will always say no.

We’re not saying that clarity will guarantee you a 150% increase in sales – we are suggesting that clarity will help you greatly increase your chances in converting more web visitors and closing more sales.  Once you have that, then you’ve built a foundation upon which you start building traffic.

Most of the time, the best sense of clarity comes from an outside view looking in.  Our anti-agency approach is a great start.  We’ll help you cut through the fat and position your products and services in a way that’s clear, engaging and answers more questions than it raises.

As a business owner you want value, not just things.  Your customers have the exact same need, so let’s not confuse them, or we’ll lose them.

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