Growth Without Profits – Technology To The Rescue

In this post, we’ll examine a common scenario. Your business is growing, you hire more people, and suddenly everything is spread too thin and your profits aren’t showing the boost you were looking for. What’s going on here?

A Confused Mind Will Always Say No.

Think about that statement for a minute.  How true is it in both personal and business life? It is transferable to just about everything that involves a decision or sale to be made. It Applies To Your Sales Team It is extremely important for your company to make regular high caliber sales.  Your success is […]

What is a ‘brand’?

What is a ‘brand’? It may be time to take a step back and think about this definition. The backstory: The other day, we had beer with a small business owner.  Something he said caught us off-guard when we started talking about his brand. When we asked him to describe his brand in under 15 […]