We Built FreshWagon

Here's How We Did It

Fully Loaded

To say that the FreshWagon platform has useful features would be the understatement of the century. FreshWagon.ca is built on a combination of open software, with customized solutions and integrations, resulting in a complete marketing and commerce platform.

Complete eCommerce Platform

  • Flexible, Best-In-Class Page Builder
  • Bundled Products
  • Subscriptions
  • Customer-Defined Delivery Dates
  • Packing Slips
  • Cost of Goods
  • Coupons & Promotions
  • Contests
  • Affiliates
  • Custom Data Feeds
  • Custom Scheduled Data Exports (automated) to Suppliers
  • Custom Order Statuses
  • W3C Digital Data Layer
  • Facebook Integration
  • SEO & Performance Optimization

Delivery Dispatch & Tracking

  • Automatic order sync
  • Driver dispatch
  • Route planning & Google maps
  • Automated customer notifications

Integrated Email Marketing Solution

  • Batch Marketing Emails
  • Automated Emails (abandon cart etc)
  • Segmentation

Testing & Personalization

  • AI / ML Personalization
  • Rules-Based Personalization
  • AB & MV Testing


  • Web Analytics
  • BI Analytics

Automation At Its Core

The platform was designed to run itself as much as possible.  Customer communications, inventory tracking, delivery routes and more.

For example, several nights a week the website automatically generates files with the items for the next delivery day.  A file is sent to each vendor for the purchased items we need from them, packing slips are generated for our team and a delivery application is sent every order to auto generate the perfect delivery route.

All the team has to do is get up in the morning, pick and pack from lists that have been generated for them and start the days deliveries.

When we said automation, we weren’t kidding!

Website: FreshWagon

An Efficient Supply Chain Drives Better Products

Typical grocery delivery has a complex, multi-step supply chain.  This comes with high overhead with stores & staff resulting in a less profitable business that provides a lower quality product to customers.

We built FreshWagon to run with a shorter handling time and more direct chain.  Operating out of a single facility, inventory is picked up in the morning, packed and delivered to customers on the same day.

All of this is supported by fully automated web software running behind the scenes.

FreshWagon Acquired by Nature Knows

We ultimately built the business to be sold.  Our growth was so rapid, with sales doubling monthly, that one of our vendor partners acted fast and acquired the company within 6 months.

Today, the company and website are owned and operated by the owner of Nature Knows, with the FreshWagon crew cheering them on from the sidelines!