Growth Without Profits – Technology To The Rescue

Imagine you have a small team of 6 people.  2 sales, 2 marketing and 2 on the ops/delivery side.  As your company grows, the workload grows and so you hire 3 more people – one in each role – bring your team to 9.

Because you now have much more going on and 9 people to keep track of, you start to bring in various tools and processes to keep track of it all.  Your people end up stretched between playing multiple roles and carrying a larger admin workload to keep track of it all.

You hired 50% more staff, but your not generating 50% more revenue.  So while your company is growing, you just slowed you profit growth down by spreading a bigger team too thin.

Scalable Technology Lifts The Burden On Your Team

A big part of the problem was that your technology wasn’t ready to scale with your business.  When the tech isn’t up to par, or tools are connected together, all of the work falls on your people.  Weak tech almost always results in more manual or repeated processes to make up for it.

Get your technology right and it will support your people, allowing them to FOCUS.  Generally speaking, focused workers are happy workers.  They get to do what they’re good at and get the satisfaction of completing tasks and generating results.

Build automation into your technology strategy and time spent on administrative tasks will drop too, again reducing the load on your people.  Now, they have both FOCUS and TIME.  Instead of doing 3 jobs and a ton of admin to keep them straight, your people can focus on what they do best and let the technology support them. There will always be some level of administrative work (CRM’s don’t update themselves), but integrations allow systems to talk to each other and the automation takes care of repetitive tasks.

Focusing On Your Platform Is Cheaper Too

The power of implementing scalable technology with plenty of automation isn’t just about making your team more effective.  There is also a major cost play here.  Where a resource may cost you 70-100K, a tech solution with the same price tag could do the job of 3 people.

In our scenario above, instead of spending 210 – 300K on more staff, you could have spent a fraction of that on your tech platform.  This would have set the 6 employees you’ve already found, hired and trained more effective.  Your team can handle more work and you don’t take a giant hit to your profit margin.

How Can I Get Help?

Sometimes, an outside-in perspective can be the first step to help you realign your team and your tech.  Typically, we like to do this in 3 phases.  We’ll start with our high level Digital Maturity Assessment.  Then, we’ll conduct a few interviews to better understand the makeup of the team, workflows etc.  Finally, we’ll conduct a workshop.  We’ll bring our initial findings to that strategy session and work together to come up with a roadmap that works for you.

Whether you choose to bring in a partner like us or do some version of this yourself, the key is in making it collaborative.  Employees often have some sense of what they think might help.  Given the chance and the right people in the room, they’ll often come up with some excellent solutions based on their experience “in the trenches”.  With the help of a non-biased consultant, you can put together an action plan that everyone is already bought into – because they helped create it.

Want More?  Chat With Us

We’re happy to jump on a call and chat about what this type of engagement would look like.  We’ll structure something that works for your team and can typically give you a price range immediately over the phone.  Drop us a line HERE and we’ll chat.