Siphon Kickstart Packages

For brands looking to move to digital during this crazy time, we’ve created a set of packages to get you up and running.

In addition to these reduced price packages, we’re also getting creative on payments.  Read on for more…

Website Kickstart

A beautifully designed 5 page website on WordPress
  • Custom Design (not a lame template!)
  • Standard Plugins for SEO etc.
  • 5 Pages fully built for you

eCommerce Website Kickstart

Everything on the left plus a powerful online shop
  • Everything on the left
  • Plus WooCommerce Setup
  • Plus 3 Products Setup

Want More? Available Add-Ons Include...

Creative Payment Options

We recognize that Covid has been tough on small businesses.  That’s why we’ve created these packages to get you up and running with something that’s scalable, powerful and on brand.

When it comes to paying the bills, we know that things are tough right now.  Below are some of the options we’ve been offering our clients that’s we’re pleased to extend to you.

Payment Plans

We can take your website payments and split them up to lesson the strain on your finances.


For businesses where we feel we can make significant impact, we’re open to a royalty model or equity.

Did You Know About The Ontario Government Grant?

The Ontario government has provided the opportunity for businesses to apply for a grant of up to $2,500.

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