We Help You Tell Your Story & Inspire Action

Your Are Not A Retailer

Your Goals Are Different

Your goals are not driven by the latest trends, they’re driven by the need you’re here to serve.

Siphon is here to partner with you to help drive your initiaves and drive positive change in the world.

Drive Donations

We boosted the donation rate for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation by 733%. We'd love to show you how we did it.

Tell Your Story

The Ontario Retirement Communities Association needed a new platform to get their message out. We crafted their new brand and built something amazing.

Inspire Action

It's not about a website that looks nice. It's about using the right language and visuals to inspire your audience to ACT. We'll show you how we do it time and time again.

Helping you Drive Donations

For many non-profit organizations, driving donations is your call to action.  We were able to help the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation increase donations on their website by a whopping 733% using analytics to study the visitor journey, and completing a content overhaul to make content easier to find.  In addition to more donations, all of that new content also resulted in an organic traffic lift of 25.54%, and a substantial lift in referral traffic at 362.64%.  More donations, and increased awareness!  Learn more about how we did it here.

Helping You Spread Your Message

When we build out any website, whether for a non-profit or a large business enterprise, we start with a single message that we call our “Guide Line”.  Sometimes that guide line makes it onto the website and sometimes it’s simply our guiding principle that lives in the background.  For example, on the ORCA website, we created “Retirement living is all about choice” with the sub-line, “Together, we’ll make it easy”.  This message became the lifeline of the entire project, speaking to visitors in a way that their website never did before.  It was the driving force behind all content decisions as we re-structured and re-wrote the website.  You can see it on the homepage today, drawing visitors in and getting the message across in the first 3 seconds.  Read more about it here.

Can A Website Inspire Action? Yes!

The right language, visuals, and an effective visitor path will inspire your visitors to ACT.  Your website is more than a brochure, it’s a unique opportunity to speak to your visitors with inspiring headlines, videos, stories and powerful imagery.  With the right technology behind it, you have the ability power those messages and give your audience immediate actions to take like registering for events, donating or sharing your message over social media to inspire others.  Where Siphon shines, is not in loading your website with features, but in helping you prioritize them to capture your audience immediately and guide them to the right action for them.

When Your Heart Is Big, But Your Team Isn't

Your organization has a big heart, but your team is small.  This means your website needs to be easy to maintain, easy to update, and it needs to deliver your message to your audience simply.  Our toolbox is full of all the right tools to allow you to run your organization lean.  From drag and drop editing capability, to an easy way to keep your followers engaged through newsletters, convenient donation collection, or integrated social media capabilities, we support your cause.

733% Increase In Donations

CBCF was a huge win. A major content overhaul, detailed analytics work and a redesign that drove some of the biggest results we’ve ever seen. Read on to learn more about how we did it.

Helping ORCA Help Our Seniors

The Ontario Retirement Communities Association is the non-profit / guiding organization of retirement communities in Ontario with over 600 members and 57,000 seniors.  We built their new website with a focus on a strong message and built a platform that would scale with them.