We Create Seamless Customer Experiences To Drive Revenue Growth.

Customer Experiences MATTER

When your customers have a smooth experience, it gets them through the sales process without having to think about it.  That easy experience is also what keeps them coming back for more.

Architecting great experiences is what we do (and we love every second of it).

Who Is Siphon Strategy?

Our co-founders, Michael and Chris, are industry leaders who have worked with some of the top brands in the world. Together they formed Siphon, a different type of consulting agency built on a combined 25+ years of experience and a passion for creating incredible customer experiences.

We help our clients completely transform their businesses. Whether we’re building you a new website, ad creative, marketing strategy, streamlining your business with a kickass technology stack, or unleashing a new unrealized revenue stream, Siphon delivers amazing results every time. Our clients love us not because we’re nice (we are), but because they see the results of our work when they talk to their customers, look at their leads, see their sales, or check their balance sheet.

Every one of our customer relationships begins with a casual drink. Sometimes, we take notes on a paper napkin, and other times we can’t help ourselves but to take out our laptops and get started on ideas right away. We just want to get to know you, your goals, and what you NEED, even if you don’t know exactly what that means at first. If we hit it off, we schedule a time that we lock ourselves in a well-stocked room full of snacks, coffee, beer (if allowed), and a whiteboard to start charting our future.

Meet The Founders

Meet our trusty leaders! Chris and Michael are leading, challenging and advancing the industry in incredible ways.

Chris Stolz

Our technology and data guru, this guy can build anything whether it’s with fine oak or code.

Michael Williams

Michael is passionate about marketing, sales, new technologies and has an amazing ability to see what businesses need to grow.

Our Mission:


The moment your customer has to figure something out for themselves, you’ve introduced friction in the buying process which rarely ends well.

Our Amazing Clients

This is just a handful of the amazing brands that we’re worked with over the years.  We love our clients!